Great Place Properties

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Application Process

Apply in Four Easy Steps

Step 1. Please review our rental criteria for application approvals.

Last Revision: November 13, 2018

Great Place Properties abides by the Fair Housing Act. We provide equal housing for all regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or familial status.

Application fee: $25.00

These are our minimum criteria for application approvals.

We charge a non-refundable application fee of $25 for every adult who will live in the rental unit/house.

Credit Score

Credit score of approximately 600 plus OR if no score then other factors must be very good (possible exception for medical emergencies bills).

Criminal History

No incarceration or parole status within 2 years and no criminal drugs convictions (including felony alcohol), violent crimes or sex crimes.


At least one year of employment at the current job or two years at previous job. Proof of income must be provided. Take home income(s) must be at least three times the rent.

Rental History

We expect a good rental history report from current and past landlords. No evictions within the last 6 years and good rental history since.

Nebraska co-signers may be allowed when other factors are good but no credit score available or no established rental history.  Co-signer credit score must be 700 or greater and income at least 5 times the rent.

If we have more than one application for a unit the most qualified application will be chosen.

No smoking allowed in the unit including electronic smoking devices of any kind.

No pets allowed.

No more than three unrelated roommates allowed.

Section 8 housing vouchers allowed on certain properties but not all.

Step 2. Please print an application using the link below or complete the following online application form.

Printable Residency ApplicationApply Online

Step 3. Please email or fax copies of your two most recent pay stubs to or 866-870-2394.

Step 4. Pay $25 application fee online with the link below.

Pay Application Fee