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About Great Place Properties

Welcome to Great Place Properties! We have had the opportunity to provide homes to residents throughout Lincoln, NE for over fifteen years. We started with a four unit converted house, and we've grown to manage over 60 houses and apartments homes through Lincoln. Through the years we have come to know what our residents want and need from us, and we are constantly improving our services to meet those expectations.

Our maintenance staff is always respectful of our residents’ privacy and their desire to live as trouble free as possible. We do preventative maintenance on a regular basis, and we always post a notice before entering any home and leave a note when we leave. We are clean and neat about our work, and on the very rare occasion of an emergency, we provide several ways to contact us.

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Lynn Fisher, General Manager of Great Place Properties, is a licensed Real Estate Broker and past President of the Real Estate Owners and Managers Association here in Lincoln. He is active with several neighborhood improvement groups and neighborhood associations. Great Place properties also takes an active role in many efforts to make better neighborhoods for all of our residents.


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